End of an Era

It’s no surprise that things have become quite dusty around here. Aside from occasional maintenance and making sure LetsEncrypt is updated, I’ve sorely neglected the blog. Today I made the difficult decision to turn off renewal for the domain and will let it sunset at the end of the year. I hope that this has… Read More »

Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

One of the easiest ways to improve the speed in which you complete tasks on your primary device is to learn the various “shortcuts” available on the platform. When working with a keyboard-based device, like a Chromebook, there are many options hidden beneath the surface just waiting to help speed up common tasks. Unfortunately, many… Read More »

SSH Into Windows Server

Last year, Microsoft announced they would embrace the OpenSSH project and bring support for Powershell and SSH to/from Windows Server! In October, they released their first 32bit version of the product, and are now up to release number four as of the first of February 2016. I had a few minutes to take a look… Read More »

Adding a printer using lpadmin

I <3 printers! I really wanted to start this one out on a positive note, but unfortunately my editor (me) wouldn’t allow our integrity to be sacrificed by printing a lie in bold at the beginning of a post. Our district was at the end of our current copier lease and after a temporary extension, we ended up renewing most… Read More »

Printer Destroyer JSS Script

As part of a recent project, I have been tasked with removing old printers that were setup manually over a 5 year lease period by many different people. The only thing consistent with these installs were their inconsistency (and that they were configured via IP address using an HP Socket). This project will be repeated at more-than 80… Read More »

K12TechSystems now 100% HTTPS

Thanks to the Lets Encrypt project’s enticing SSL certificate price ($0.00!), I’ve been able to switch K12TechSystems.com over to all HTTPS, all the time! As a side benefit, Chrome will soon begin marking non-HTTPS sites with the red “X” untrusted logo. Providers have had plenty of time to make adjustments as they first hinted of… Read More »

Disable Apps and Extensions for Institutional Chrome Users

One thing that students are constantly trying to do are find ways around our web filters. While many of our policies are open and fair, there are some sites blocked that tend to be constant distractions for the staff and/or student body. So instead, they focus their time on finding ways around our filtering system so that… Read More »

Installing Commvault Simpana 9 Software on Debian 8

After beating my head into my desk for far too long today, we were finally able to get the Commvault 9 file system agent to install on one of our Debian servers. This can usually be done from the Commvault Console, if you don’t mind enabling root’s ssh access or logging into the client directly… Read More »