Using the Activation Lock Bypass Code in the Casper Suite

By | September 5, 2014
Activation Lock Message Example

Activation Lock Message ExampleActivationLockiPad5

So you’ve worked overtime to switch your iOS deployment methods to using Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and are finally convinced that over-the-air supervision is the way to go for all your school-owned devices. Way to go!

Yet, somehow, only days after your first large deployment you get the dreaded call/text/email/ticket stating that some staff or student’s iPad had to be wiped and they can’t remember their password and are stuck on a screen that says “Activate iPad.”

Previously, on unsupervised iPads, we would have to do one of the following:

  • Hunt down the user based on social engineering to determine who A•••••••@B•••••••.org really was and have them type in their password or talk them through using to remove the device
  • Call Apple Enterprise support, provide proof of purchase and wait a period of time for the lock to be remove from the Apple Activation Servers.

Now the power is all in our hands! Using an Activation Lock Bypass Code from the JSS you can bypass the lock from the comfort of your own desk!

When a device meets the following criteria, the device will submit a bypass code to your MDM Server (in this case JAMF Softwares Casper Suite) and store it with Apple’s Activation Servers.

  • iOS Version 7.1 or Higher
  • Device is Supervised

The first step to getting this activation code is to log into your JSS and find the mobile device in question.ActivationLockipad1

Next, click on the Management Tab, then choose “Activation Lock” on the side bar.


To view (or copy) the Activation Lock Bypass code, click on “Get Activation Lock Bypass Code” button


From here, the choice is yours. You (or the tech who reported the issue) can manually type the activation code into the password field of the lock screen on the iPad, leaving the email address field blank. However, if plugging the iPad into a computer is an option, I have found it much easier to just copy and paste the bypass code into the iTunes activation lock window as demonstrated below:

 iTunes Activation LockiTunes Activated Screen

I hope that this can help someone out as I have found this feature to be only lightly documented without any real detail in how to use the code once you need it.


12 thoughts on “Using the Activation Lock Bypass Code in the Casper Suite

    1. Freddie Post author

      Glad to hear! I didn’t realize that iTunes was even an option until I locked myself out of one! Let me know if there are any other topics I can post about, I’m always looking for inspiration.

  1. Chris Denesha

    Nice! Did not know about the iTunes method – thanks for sharing Fred!

  2. lukaz

    Hey I won a UPS auction recently of ipads classified “as is” but they were all in a box so it was a random gamble. Now I have 5 ipads that are locked to a school and say “enter credentials” as in a tech guy from that specific school needs to enter his username and password to activate the ipads. Is there a way to get around that perhaps? It is not the typical ipad software so there is no help online. I have been stuck on this forever now and the ipads are all brand new never used but locked :'(

    1. Freddie Post author

      The only group that can remove this is the school listed on the sign in page. Otherwise they are effectively useless.

  3. Yuki

    I got a ipad 4,is locked and supervised,i did those step,only when i push the code button it shows me a code and cant type one into it.
    when i try to copy paste it in itunes or activate lockscreen on the ipad it wont work,saying that the account is incorrectly.

    what am i doing wrong?

  4. Yuki

    I gt another question,when you put a ipad on the configurator,he makes a new activation code.
    He put the code on the ipad,but when you login into a apple id how does he connect it with the code?

    Or does he make a new code when you login into a id?
    Everytime you restore ipad with the lock,you need to put it back into the configurator for a new code.
    Or else you cant unlock it with the same code??


    1. Freddie Post author


      The code isn’t tied to an Apple ID. It’s stored on the iPad until after the next activation. So the bypass code should be good unless the iPad is successfully activated again without being connected to configurator to obtain a new bypass code.

    1. Freddie Post author

      You can determine if an iPad is supervised by going to the Settings App, Tap on General, and then About. Under the Name field you should see “This iPad is supervised by ….” with the name of the supervising organization.


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