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Debugging JAMF Binary Check Ins

Today in the #jamfnation channel on the MacAdmins Slack team, Jesse Shipley (aka tulgeywood) was having issues with a client that would randomly hang on the binary.

The jamf binary includes a “-verbose” flag to get additional information when running the binary manually. However, it would not happen on-demand, so Jesse had the great idea of modifying the LaunchDaemon to include the verbose flag so that when the client run their normally scheduled check-in, the binary could verbosely log its actions to hopefully catch what was going on.

Here is the modified /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.jamfsoftware.task.1.plist 

By modifying the file to include the –verbose flag as well as redirecting the StandardOutPath to a separate jamf.log file, Jesse can see additional details from the checkins seperate from the regular jamf.log contents.

One thing to note: the jamf manage command can, and probably will, overwrite this file. So this is probably best used temporarily to troubleshoot any check-in issues.

Also, for posterity (and backup sake if you forgot to backup) here’s a copy of a default check in policy:


Link to GitHub Script to automatically configure this: tulgeywood/JAMF/