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Printer Destroyer JSS Script

As part of a recent project, I have been tasked with removing old printers that were setup manually over a 5 year lease period by many different people. The only thing consistent with these installs were their inconsistency (and that they were configured via IP address using an HP Socket). This project will be repeated at more-than 80… Read More »

Centralized Logging & Casper Dashboard

Thanks to a retweet from the venerable Ben Toms, of MacMule fame, a tweet of mine has raised several questions: I’m guessing the Adobe Flash downloads are going to grow quite a bit here shortly. #macadmins — FredCox3 (@FredCox3) December 8, 2015 The majority of the questions raised through Twitter or the Mac Admin’s Slack Channel centered around… Read More »

Debugging JAMF Binary Check Ins

Today in the #jamfnation channel on the MacAdmins Slack team, Jesse Shipley (aka tulgeywood) was having issues with a client that would randomly hang on the binary. The jamf binary includes a “-verbose” flag to get additional information when running the binary manually. However, it would not happen on-demand, so Jesse had the great idea… Read More »