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End of an Era

It’s no surprise that things have become quite dusty around here. Aside from occasional maintenance and making sure LetsEncrypt is updated, I’ve sorely neglected the blog. Today I made the difficult decision to turn off renewal for the domain and will let it sunset at the end of the year. I hope that this has… Read More »

Installing Commvault Simpana 9 Software on Debian 8

After beating my head into my desk for far too long today, we were finally able to get the Commvault 9 file system agent to install on one of our Debian servers. This can usually be done from the Commvault Console, if you don’t mind enabling root’s ssh access or logging into the client directly… Read More »

cfgutil – Missing man page

With Apple Configurator 2, Apple released a set of command line tools to help with automating iPad deployments centered around a utility called cfgutil. However, it doesn’t appear that there is any posted online man page reference for the utility at this time. Let’s take a look at how we can install and use this… Read More »

Install Profiles using Composer

One of my recent projects has been to start utilizing configuration profiles to replace existing MCX settings in the organization. I am also trying to exclusively use these for new settings/requests and a recent one that came across my desk included configuring settings in Safari for an upcoming online exam. Let me get this out of… Read More »

Disable Built in Google Chrome PDF Plugin using GPO

If you’re tasked with managing Google Chrome in your environment, Google has provided several ways to manage the browser. One of these options is using a Group Policy Administrative Template. In my particular case, we had some PDF’s that were not working correctly with a subscription service the school was using. Part of the issue… Read More »

Hello world!

I’ve been looking for a place to document and share my experience in the K12 Sys-Admin space. This seemed like a perfect first post.