Centralized Logging & Casper Dashboard

Thanks to a retweet from the venerable Ben Toms, of MacMule fame, a tweet of mine has raised several questions: I’m guessing the Adobe Flash downloads are going to grow quite a bit here shortly. #macadmins pic.twitter.com/2UO0jD1PvO — FredCox3 (@FredCox3) December 8, 2015 The majority of the questions raised through Twitter or the Mac Admin’s Slack Channel centered around… Read More »

Using Disk Inventory X to free HD space

As flash-based storage continues to become more prevalent, you (or one of your friends!) may find themselves in need of some help cleaning up unused files on their hard drive. While the first place you may think to look is in the Downloads folder, you may be surprised to find that doesn’t quite do the… Read More »

Photos App & Configurator 2

One small problem I found when testing AC2 was that Photos.app was very persistent in opening each time we connected new devices. In 10.11, it appears that Image Capture and Photos, by default, only write connection preferences for each device after it is connected rather than having a global action like iPhoto did. Thanks to this post on Jamfnation… Read More »

cfgutil – Missing man page

With Apple Configurator 2, Apple released a set of command line tools to help with automating iPad deployments centered around a utility called cfgutil. However, it doesn’t appear that there is any posted online man page reference for the utility at this time. Let’s take a look at how we can install and use this… Read More »

Apple Configurator 2 – Where are the IPWS Files?

With the update to Apple Configurator 2, there is a new location to look for your IPSW files. Thanks to @TechGrlTweeter, she was able to answer the question as to where those files actually lived:

Note: Her tweet mentions a random number before the Group.com.apple… folder. In my install I did not see that,… Read More »

Debugging JAMF Binary Check Ins

Today in the #jamfnation channel on the MacAdmins Slack team, Jesse Shipley (aka tulgeywood) was having issues with a client that would randomly hang on the binary. The jamf binary includes a “-verbose” flag to get additional information when running the binary manually. However, it would not happen on-demand, so Jesse had the great idea… Read More »

Install Profiles using Composer

One of my recent projects has been to start utilizing configuration profiles to replace existing MCX settings in the organization. I am also trying to exclusively use these for new settings/requests and a recent one that came across my desk included configuring settings in Safari for an upcoming online exam. Let me get this out of… Read More »